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Shimizu Hiroya Short Interview

Long time not translating anything in general, decided to translate some short interview of Shimizu Hiroya.
Ah, seems I forgot to mention my craze over him haha I've watched some of his work like Kawaki, Strayer's Chronicle as well as drama discussed in this one, Koukou Nyuushi (High School Entrance Exam)

Well, without further ado, here's the translation! Hope you enjoy~

Drama debut! The "scaredy-cat" part of the role is probably the same as me?! LOL

What makes you start this job?
● I always watched my big brother (Shimizu Naoya) doing this job. There were times where he'd come home crying but it seems fun. I decided to do this job, but as much as I wanted to do it, the shyness in public that I had held me from trying. But then I got a call from the agency, and when I mustered up my courage and followed the lessons, my shyness was gone. I'm glad I tried!

And made an acting debut with drama "High School Entrance Exam".
● I was extremely nervous even before the shooting began. It's because I'm a scaredy-cat LOL Everyone was so nice teaching me stuffs that I could eventually relax and did the scenes as planned.

What kind of character is Sawamura Shota that you're playing in this drama?
● Shota is a student who takes an entrance exam for Tachibana High School 1 (shortened as Ichihigh). As his dad and brother were former students of the school, Shota feels the pressure to get accepted into it. He becomes a bully to Yoshitaka (Mahiro Takasugi), test-taker from the same middle school out of his anxiety. With such a setting, Shota ends up being suspected when there's an accident that causes a disturbance during exam. I've done my best especially in expressing panic naturally so I wish everyone noticed that.

What kind of middle schol life does the real Shimizu-kun lead?
● I'm a playful type LOL I would mess around with close friends or friends from the after-school club. My after-school activity is basketball. I've been doing it for about 4 years since I was 4th grader, but... I don't feel any improvement~ LOL

photo by eri okamoto | text by chieko hirano
Taken from wink up December 2012

Real name : Shimizu Hiroya.
Birthdate : June 9th 1999.
Birthplace : Tokyo.
Blood type : O.
"High School Entrance Exam" (Koukou Nyuushi) is his serial drama debut.

Well, that's all for this time.
See ya on next translation. \(^o^)/
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