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I admire '80s generation who were willing to engage with people and time

Q : A movie in which Matsuda-san plays the lead, Initiation Love has a dramatic 80s perspective, but what image do you have in mind regarding those days?
A : Before getting involved in this work, I always thought that 80s is "a symbol of unfashionable time" for both fashion and lifestyle. I avoided to wear tuck and high-rise when I was teen. But as I played this role, my love for this generation started to grow. People had "work hard-play hard" attitude thus making them to enjoy everything. They also enjoyed the entertainment more back then, so I thought it was one good time.

Q : 80s people were stylish dressers!
A : They were, more than I thought. Whether clothes look good or not depends on who wears it and how to wear after all LOL

Q : Is there any difference in romance now and then?
A : It's the affection*. You can't find people willingly spending pennies on public phone to chat with others these days. People can connect with the others for almost nothing, so they can easily ignore texts or incoming call. Time to talk with people was so precious back then that they would seriously engage with the present "time" and "people". That's what I admire of those days.

Q : It was manly of Suzuki, the character you played, to drive from Tokyo to Shizuoka every weekend just for his lover.
A : He's faithful and devoted man, which is why the relationship was stressing and wore him out. I don't think I could do that.

Q : Are you not the faithful type?
A : I would put myself* first. I don't really understand girls and their complicated feelings.

Q : Love triangle between Suzuki, Mayu who was played by Maeda Atsuko and Miyako, Suzuki's coworker who was played by Kimura Fumino was the highlight of this movie, I reckon.
A : Men are powerless when being approached by women LOL On the set, I felt weird having scene with Kimura after a scene with Maeda. There was guilty feeling as if I really cheated on them...

Q : Finally, please give your message to readers!
A : I just want you to watch and enjoy this ordinary romantic love movie, no need to look for spoiler nor bringing your biased thought around**.


Q : What do you always keep in mind to grow up as an actor?
A : To meet with a lot of failure and setbacks. Nothing more I can do to know myself better than to understand my own weakness. The moment I think I have no weakness, it will be the end of my growth. I want to keep throwing myself into things I haven't yet understood and known.

Q : When do you think women are scary?
A : They always are LOL They can never refuse, what a creature of mystery. Maybe if I do what most girls like, read CanCam or turn into girl, I could understand them a bit more, but instead of doing that, I guess I'll just spend my time exploring myself as a man at first.

Q : What culture did inspire you in your adolescent days?
A : I think it's HIP-HOP including the street fashion

Q : Please tell us your purpose in life!
A : I want to find the real me as soon as possible so that I can enjoy my life to the fullest. I believe that once I reach age 30, I will finally be able to see things I couldn't see when I was teen nor in my 20s. Others will also accept me as an adult starting here.

Q : What's your recent off-sceen/personal addiction?
A : Mountain. Lately I'm thinking that mountain is special place for Japanese. It helps us to sharpen own sense all-stuffed with various emotions, difficulties and comforts.

Q : Can you do long-distance relationship?
A : That's impossible. I think love will fade away if there's no real contact between the couple. Contrariwise, couple that can survive such relationship are great.

Q : What thing has changed the most after being an actor?
A : There's no particularly big change, but I realized something inside me started to change as I jumped out from the basic called family and school to the bigger world.

Q : Do you think man and woman can be just friends?
A : Men are creature that see (sex and romantic) potential in their opposite sex friend. Such relationship may happen if the girl has no interest in him at all, but that being the case, can they even be friends in the first place? Maybe I'd get it if I've grown up a little.

Q : What kind of girl do you consider pretty?
A : I find girl who believes in herself attractive. Girl in love also looks beatiful. I think beauty is something that comes from confidence.

from : CanCam magazine July 2015 issue | scan credit : zhujisumi@weibo
Note :
*affection => originally "human warmth"
*myself => originally "my hobbies"
** that was my paraphrase, the original would be "without prior information/spoiler or biased thought"

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