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to my journal~

After being inactive for more than 3 years, I decided to remake this journal, esp because my old entries are... plain embarrassing. (//////)
Can't stand those broken English hahaha eventho it's not that getting better...

So... I already got too many blogs : on Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogspot... but most of them are for my fave band (which is now getting a bit boring :p )'s stuff, from translation to fangirling. Taking a break from that band made me re-exploring old faves like old jrock bands or vkeis and JEs, which is mostly posted on livejournal. This account helps me to read some blogs that can't be viewed publicly.

But then, how unfair I am to just "take" everything without "giving". That's why I decided to fill this journal with translation. Not that I'm fluent in both English and Japanese. I'm actually still learning so I apologize in advance for any mistake I make in the translation. Any correction will be appreciated.

I don't really care if anyone has translated what would be on this blog. I'll just share my own effort and writing.
And since I'm into Matsuda Shota and Ohno Takuro recently, I might do the translations related to them. Or just random actor's interview. Or just me bitching about surrounding, human, world or rotten fruit. Anything. Just. Enjoy.
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