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Which One is the Real Shota?

His true colors might have been clouded in the movie "Initiation Love"



Q : If you gotta self-analysis your personality, what kind of person would you be?
A : I might be a sensitive type of person. When people carefully talk to me to avoid being honest, they would end up hurting me. That's because I can understand their true feeling through words.
Furthermore, I was a so-called mature "boy"* in primary or middle school LOL

Q : Sexiness and hot-blooded part of a man is like magnetic charm to women.
For Matsuda Shota, what part of man do you consider appealing?

A : It's a passion of a man when he shamelessly enjoys his life to the fullest. That makes a man looks so cool and appealing

Q : Who's this appealing man from your perspective?
A : Steve McQueen.
I like him.
He liked motorcycles just like me and was particular on own style and way of many things; truly a man at liberty who enjoyed the life wildly.
And among millions of blue-eyed people, Steve got that special, fascinating blue eyes no one's ever had.

Q : Now, what part of a woman do you consider attractive?
A : It's in her dignity.
A woman who is aware of her own dignity. I don't want to sound chauvinistic but I just find woman who stays beautiful and feminine, fascinating.
I think it's important for women to keep up appearance.
Woman who properly uses dish and chopstick even when she's just eating onigiri would amaze me and I'd find her sexy.

Q : You're widely known for not only putting all serious face but also being comical in commercials. Do you like comedy and stand-up? Are you talented in acting funny? Do you have fun? Or is it hard?
A : I enjoy watching comedy and stand-up.
I love comedians like Matsumoto Hitoshi or Woody Allen and people who brings humor and make me laugh at anything.
I have no problem for comedic acting though.
I was straight born as middle son who's stuck in the middle so it's just my nature to make people laugh.
I'm also having so much fun playing a role of "Momo-chan" in my latest commercial.

Q : Your stylish looks is nice. What personal style do you like to follow? What clothing brand do you use the most and what's your favorite shop?
A : I'm the type that doesn't like being judged by (outer) appearance so I do some research in my free time LOL. Even taxi driver and minimarket employee would give totally different reaction to suits-and-hat style I'm wearing in the same vibe and tension. So that's how people judge others, and I've probably done the same way too. Since it's annoying, I do my best to wear something that won't make people thinking either way. For example, I would wear some skiing or snowy mountain outfit to make winter in Tokyo feels like in the snow mountain….. I would feel excited that way. I also like Rick Owens clothing. The design is my favorite but mostly because my body can naturally move in it. You can also put passport or even A4-sized paper into its attached long internal zipper pocket. I agree with his quote, "The coolest thing is when you don't care about being cool anymore".

Q : I'd like to ask about your hobby. What's your recent addiction?
A : Skiing.
I even write my Instagram description as actor and skier.
If it's possible, I would even go to Argentine or Chile in summer for a slide.
First time I went skiing was in primary school but I got used to coming and going the snow mountain in my early 20s.

Q : If you took a long day-off, how would you spend it?
A : I would take a long trip to the snow mountain.

* : the original is "otoko no ko no enchousenjou", but I failed to understand the meaning of this context. Reading the literal meaning, I thought it's something like "additional boy" or even "boys' representative (when it comes to talking to girls)" but well I'm not sure. Will fix it up later

And here it is the interview! Finally ^^

Movie adaptation of best-selling novel that has sold 1,4 million copies, Initiation Love should be surprising us!

Matsuda Shota plays the lead in the movie adapting love story that has misled 1,4 million readers. I heard everything hides in the last 5 minutes in this movie adaptation that will make you "definitely watch it twice!".
Matsuda : The first time reading the script, I was so surprised that I read it over again. It was spinning my head LOL and tricky stuffs got me so excited. The part that makes this work my favorite.

It's apparently a bittersweet love story. Keyholder of the story, Suzuki (TAKKUN) wavers between two girls.  What is Suzuki's character that you appreciate?
Matsuda : His innocence and devotion. Although the movie has questionable story, the lead role has nothing doubtful. Like he would never show himself in an insinuating manner.

Did director Yukihiko Tsutsumi make any particular request on the acting?
Matsuda : He asked me to give my all on the scene when Suzuki got mad or feeling a bit upset. Only for that occasion, since it's different than usual Suzuki that it feels strange... That scene was actually deep.

How was Director Tsutsumi on set?
Matsuda : I love having a discussion with the director. He's got a broad knowledge and it's fun just to hear him out. Despite the 30 year age gap, we have the same perception of coolness and preference in music and movie, and he told me a lot about it. We also discussed things unrelated to film. He plotted Suzuki's relationship problem in the movie but I asked him about his personal relationship problem as well as his past story LOL I didn't even tell him mine LOL

Suzuki ends up becoming an unfaithful man, but can you understand him?
Matsuda : I think Suzuki does his best LOL so I do understand his feeling. I just don't think LDR would work for me. LDR makes me unable to feel the warmth of meeting her. I would waver if there's someone nice around. Though I'd just go straight to mountain on my day off LOL I only think about myself LOL

Initiation Love has a meaning of first love that understands the uncertainty in relationship, an initiation of love. Do you have someting like an initiation to adulthood?
Matsuda : I think becoming an actor it is. If I weren't an actor, I wouldn't have had something to think over. Actor is a job that requires someone to reflect on himself in different situations. The deeper I think about myself, I find that I'm still like a kid. I've been wanting to become an adult, the 30 year old man as soon as possible so now it's like, "I finally reached age 29!"

Finally, please point out the highlight of this work to CLASSY readers who are nearly the same generation as you.
Matsuda : The highlight is affair caused by interpersonal distance that should be no longer a problem for people nowadays as everyone's got a cellphone. This movie is fun to watch, has a simple affection connecting with the present and story both married and unmarried people can relate to, and will let you look back to the old days. You can also enjoy watching it no matter if you come together with girl friends or impulsively come by yourself. You'll just need to be extra careful if you're on a date LOL as there are scenes that will make both male and female feel tense, so that it won't lead to a conflict. Please be careful especially if you are in long distance relationship LOL

From : Classy June 2015
Credit picture to zhuji-sumi@Weibo

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