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Questions for Shota (Popeye January 2010)

Here's a little translation of 50 questions asked to Shota by Popeye magazine, issued in January 2010.

Q.01 One word to describe your personality


Q.02 What is your favorite characteristic of yours?

Q.03 Your disliked characteristic?


Q.04 Favorite part of your body?


Q.05 Disliked part of your body?


Q.06 If you compare yourself to an animal, what would it be?

shark .... because I like it

Q.07 Your favorite phrase?

It's paper-thin difference between genius and stupidity

Q.08 Book you recently found interesting?

Shirasu Jiro's autobiography

Q.09 Movie that you just found thrilling?

"Before Night Falls"

Q.10 Favorite actor?


Q.11 Favorite actress?


Q.12 What's your favorite music genre?

I listen to various genres

Q.13 Favorite musician?


Q.14 Thing you're now into?


Q.15 People whom you look up to?

Dad!... and brother.... and mother and sister

Q.16 Your favorite food?

Korean cuisine

Q.17 Disliked food?


Q.18 Thing you recently cried to?

Seeing the sunrise from the top of mountain in Yatsugatake

Q.19 Your recent biggest laughter?

Arakawa Yoshiyoshi's acting

Q.20 Any news you found interesting?


Q.21 Your favorite sports?

Motor sports

Q.22 Favorite alcoholic drink?
Shochu-oolong cocktails

Q.23 Favorite clothing brand?


Q.24 Recently-bought stuff?

Prada's sneaker

Q.25 Recently-cooked food?

I haven't cooked for a while

Q.26 Recent pleasure?

Niece's growth

Q.27 Recent displeasure?


Q.28 What kind of boy you used to be?


Q.29 Best place you've ever been?


Q.30 Place you'd like to visit?

Morocco, Brazil, Paris

Q.31 What would you like to be reborn as?


Q.32 When did you recently have the most fun?

When I was at shochu-oolong cocktails party

Q.33 When did you feel blissful?

When my niece laughed

Q.34 If you were to be woman for one day, what would you do?


Q.35 Wish you'd want to happen now?

Day off

Q.36 If you got one hundred million yen, how would you spend it?

Gonna spend them all! (to buy motorcycle and car, also clothes for my niece)

Q.37 Who's your rival?


Q.38 Your most precious people?


Q.39 CD you'd bring to deserted island?


Q.40 What do you save for eco lifestyle?

I don't (Tr: Seems Shota doesn't have eco lifestyle)

Q.41 What you would've become if you aren't in entertainment industry?


Q.42 If you got one month off, what would you like to do?

I want to study new language

Q.43 What language in particular?

French, Chinese and Korean

Q.44 What's your favorite comic?

LIAR... wait, there are too much

Q.45 Favorite TV program?

Mr. Tokoro's Setagaya base

Q.46 How do you handle stress?

With muffler sound

Q.47 What is your mom for you in a word?

A sun

Q.48 Big brother?

A sibling

Q.49 Dad?

A father

Q.50 What's dream for you?

Something to "grasp"

Reading the scan was a bit tiring since the characters are mostly unfamiliar and unclear (due to non HD scan) but I was so desperate that I could eventually recognize them. Yay~
Credit scan to shotaine@photobucket
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