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Ikemen Dictionary vol. 8 : Matsuda Shota

"Actor is a craftsman,
who produces emotions to move the hearts of people."

A-line (A I U E O)

Amai osake (Sweet Alcohol)
A drink Matsuda Shota would frequently ask for.
" I'm the type whose blood sugar level tends to drop thus making my face goes pale when drinking alcohol LOL. That's why I should get some alcoholic drink with right amount of sugar. Recently, I've been into cocktail called "Sex on the Beach". I can feel good drinking it if the alcohol gets strengtened a bit."

"Ikigami" (Ikigami)
His movie that was premiered in September. "Ikigami" is a death notice issued by government to teach citizens about the value of life. One person chosen out of a thousand will die exactly 24 hours after receiving the letter. "Despite the fictional setting, it really makes me think about what I would do if I only got 24hours left to live. Of course, it's such an unanswered question......
I guess I've gotten in this story too deep."

Igirisu (England)
Before pursuing an acting career, he studied art in London for two years.
"I went there since I wanted to learn English and admired its architecture. Both buildings and culture of England are fusion of traditional and modern in fine balance. It's a country with less amusement, so the people are easily influenced into being music fans or art enthusiasts. A country that left precious memory. Someday I'd like to live there again."

Ikemengirai (Good-looking hater)
He seems to hate the word "good-looking".
"I feel bad for being in this 'Ikemen dictionary' page, though LOL. It's repulsive when people call me 'good-looking actor' since that means they only focus on appearance. For me, actor is craftsman that brings out emotion and human culture, kind of an expert in those aspects, and that's what I want to be. I keep learning to reach this goal."

K-line (KA KI KU KE KO)

Kaigai shinshutsu (Going international)
Acting career-related dream that he wants to pursue.
"I even studied English for that purpose. I'd like to play in a foreign movie as a Japanese. That being said, rather than Hollywood, I'd choose Asian movie for now, especially Korean movie which I found interesting. I think Korean movies are cool."

S-line (SA SHI SU SE SO)

Shiseikan (Opinion on Life and Death)

Encountering the 'death' of close person since childhood makes him got a profound view on life and death.
"My grandpa was always hospitalized,  but his death was real short. I feel that human death is when everything goes to zero in a flash. Losing someone dear to me would make a hole in my heart. The only thing to fill it up is memory I've made with them...... That's why I want to keep in touch with anyone close and precious when they're still alive."

Jinsei wo kaeru koi (Love that Changes Life)
Something he hasn't yet experienced.
"I believe that man should take the lead in a relationship. That's probably because I've never been in relationship that changes me. (Brother) Ryuhei who's more experienced in love told me that I'd better go for relationship that can change my view, so I want to try it...... My life was mostly spent with men, I don't really know how to treat ladies well LOL"

Shinrigakusho (Psychology Literature)
"I love Psychology and Philosophy literature. I've read a lot of books on the subject, including the thick one titled 'What is Unlikeable Person'. The last book that I found interesting was about SQ. SQ is a measure of social skills, which President candidates need the high score to be outstanding. It's fun to study both psychology and philosophy just to find the evidence of those theories."


Chichi no Atsuryoku (Father's Pressure)
His father was the great actor, late Matsuda Yuusaku.
"My father forever lives in my life. He would yell at me whenever I did something half-assed as an actor. He was really strict, I always got a pressure of 'I have to do it, otherwise I'd get yelled at', which grew to be sense of responsibility in me. Eventhough my big brother Ryuhei surely got more pressure than me...... well, he was terribly forceful. Since he's no longer in this world, I feel that he can see everything even those that I don't want him to see it. I don't belong to any religion but for once, I think he's close to me."

"My friends are all passionate people, so I never go out having dinner with them just to have some chit-chat. We always have something serious to discuss about. Even with big brother, rather than talking about acting, we talk about mankind (LOL)."

"Tokidokiore"na Kanojo (Girlfriend who "has her own time")
His type of girl is one who has her own world.
"I have my own world where I need to spend some time alone so I prefer a girl with her own world, too. That would make her needs me occasionally LOL. I won't date girl who makes me center of her world no matter how cute she is."

H-line (HA HI FU HE HO)

Fight Club
A movie that makes him decided to choose this path of life.
"It ain't my parents nor big brother who've made me an actor. When I was young, going to  cinema all by myself was my secret pleasure, and feelings I experienced that time is what makes me today. I got the greatest emotion watching "Fight Club" at second year of middle school. The world-view was cool, and its message "Live for now, think by yourself" was the best. That's when I started to think, "I should take this path of life, and better learn a lot more about movie than school".

R-line (RA RI RU RE RO)

Rock Spirit

"I will never lose my rock spirit even when I'm grown up. The meaning of rock spirit here is close to sense of justice. Standing up against the unacceptable conditions, following through my own way of life. Although it's usually hard to pull out the thorn, I would be able to pull it out when it's time. That's kind of grown-up man I want to be."

W-line (WA WO)

Wanpi (One-piece Dress)

He's the "puts inner-side first" type of man when it comes to choosing romantic partner but he also has preference for girl fashion?!
"I like a girl wearing one-piece dress. Even more better if she combines it with colorful tights LOL."

From : MORE October 2008
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