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Doing softsub for Koisuru Ganbarebu + Yan Yan JUMP

I tried to make softsub for Koisuru Ganbarebu.
Since I'm Indonesian, I made it in Indonesian but sure I will share the English version.
The English translation I got it from aquacraze so I'll credit her/him because I made reference of hers.
I'm not so confident whether the sub 100% correct, but I've done my best. Sorry for any misinterpretation and I always accept corrections :)

Indonesian Softsub
Koisuru Ganbarebu 01 : http://mediafire.com/?oax24gzflpyzja0

Koisuru Ganbarebu 07 : http://www.mediafire.com/?r8wxw4o8836sx3n
Koisuru Ganbarebu 08 : http://www.mediafire.com/?pn33vhmat6v205o

Yan Yan JUMP Eps 2 Pressure Ten Part : http://www.mediafire.com/?w1c90jcnyj0v9jw

English Softsub
Koisuru Ganbarebu 01 : http://mediafire.com/?2mlhqqq19bp4z1q

Ps : if you don't know where to download the episodes of Koisuru Ganbarebu, and ask me where I got them, please go to http://elmundodelosjohnnys.blogspot.com
and if you don't know where to get Yan Yan JUMP Episodes, I got it from sakura_0617
thanks to them! ^.^
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You're welcome! ^^
but is it okay for you to download Indonesian version? I haven't uploaded English softsubs. sorry :(
Hi! Can I ask where you downloaded the episodes. It would be a really big help. Thank you! ^^

Can you please make the softsubs for other episodes too?
It's easier to read in the video and since I don't know how to make one..
Also, I like the fonts! It's clear.

I hope you can help. Thank you!

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Anoo... can you upload the other english subs for this?
It would be a very big help since I can't understand Japanese. Thank you~