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to my journal~

After being inactive for more than 3 years, I decided to remake this journal, esp because my old entries are... plain embarrassing. (//////)
Can't stand those broken English hahaha eventho it's not that getting better...

So... I already got too many blogs : on Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogspot... but most of them are for my fave band (which is now getting a bit boring :p )'s stuff, from translation to fangirling. Taking a break from that band made me re-exploring old faves like old jrock bands or vkeis and JEs, which is mostly posted on livejournal. This account helps me to read some blogs that can't be viewed publicly.

But then, how unfair I am to just "take" everything without "giving". That's why I decided to fill this journal with translation. Not that I'm fluent in both English and Japanese. I'm actually still learning so I apologize in advance for any mistake I make in the translation. Any correction will be appreciated.

I don't really care if anyone has translated what would be on this blog. I'll just share my own effort and writing.
And since I'm into Matsuda Shota and Ohno Takuro recently, I might do the translations related to them. Or just random actor's interview. Or just me bitching about surrounding, human, world or rotten fruit. Anything. Just. Enjoy.
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matsuda shota

Shimizu Hiroya Short Interview

Long time not translating anything in general, decided to translate some short interview of Shimizu Hiroya.
Ah, seems I forgot to mention my craze over him haha I've watched some of his work like Kawaki, Strayer's Chronicle as well as drama discussed in this one, Koukou Nyuushi (High School Entrance Exam)

Well, without further ado, here's the translation! Hope you enjoy~

The excitementCollapse )
Abit more...Collapse )
Well, that's all for this time.
See ya on next translation. \(^o^)/
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One Night Stand with Matsuda Shota

Black or white.
Strong-willed man who asks you out with his own definition of "white"

Matsuda Shota explains what he wants from his girlfriend.
"I prefer my girl quiet. I fall for people who just listens to what I said without saying a single word."
So that people won't tell if they're in love. He will take his girlfriend around for a drive. They will also enjoy dinner. But no matter how much he loves his girlfriend, he will hate to take her along to cinema. "I would just say 'I watched it' when she asks about my thought on movie which would end our conversation at once. It'd also be annoying to hear her neutral opinion or about teary scenes. Being invited to a movie would just get me in a bad mood. I also have different thought about going out for drinks. I'd rather go with friends than girlfriend."
To be brutally honest and frankly speaking, "(My) Lover is someone who's kind enough to accept me for who I am", description which strikes home for super-spoiled woman's mind.
Black or white. Matsuda never makes wavering judgment. However, that doesn't make him one impossible-to-understand kind of guy nor lacking affections. His eyes began to sparkle when the topic was changed to his pet cat. "Her name's Chacha. She will respond whether you call her Chachi or Shachi* LOL" He really loves that Chacha, as he's man with love.

black or white : can mean "right or wrong"
shachi can also mean "orca"

From : Harper's BAZAAR Japan Feb 2008 issue
Credit to boys_paper & Harper's BAZAAR Japan

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CunCun Kyun Lover Boy : Matsuda Shota

ARE YOU READY?! : Matsuda Shota

Sure I'm coming~!Collapse )
I'd like to see that then!Collapse )

from : CanCam magazine July 2015 issue | scan credit : zhujisumi@weibo
Note :
*affection => originally "human warmth"
*myself => originally "my hobbies"
** that was my paraphrase, the original would be "without prior information/spoiler or biased thought"

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matsuda shota

Which One is the Real Shota?

His true colors might have been clouded in the movie "Initiation Love"




And here it is the interview! Finally ^^
From a novel that has deceived over 1million readers...Collapse )

From : Classy June 2015
Credit picture to zhuji-sumi@Weibo

I hope you enjoyed reading this
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matsuda shota

Questions for Shota (Popeye January 2010)

Here's a little translation of 50 questions asked to Shota by Popeye magazine, issued in January 2010.

50 questions for Matsuda Shota!Collapse )

Reading the scan was a bit tiring since the characters are mostly unfamiliar and unclear (due to non HD scan) but I was so desperate that I could eventually recognize them. Yay~
Credit scan to shotaine@photobucket
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taiga kyomoto

Doing softsub for Koisuru Ganbarebu + Yan Yan JUMP

I tried to make softsub for Koisuru Ganbarebu.
Since I'm Indonesian, I made it in Indonesian but sure I will share the English version.
The English translation I got it from aquacraze so I'll credit her/him because I made reference of hers.
I'm not so confident whether the sub 100% correct, but I've done my best. Sorry for any misinterpretation and I always accept corrections :)

here's the download link..Collapse )
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